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A Different Type of Preschool!

The beginning of a learning process starts the moment a child is born. Human is capable of absorbing more information during these early years as compared to when they grow up because, in the early years, the growth of the brain is more rapid. Preschools and teacher of high quality can improve outcomes for disadvantaged students as a long-term effect. There standards observed for structuring preschools like administration, student-teacher ratio, class size and services and processes such as teacher-child interaction and quality of classroom environment etc. along with alignment that is curriculum, standards, and assessment. Now, their different ages that are kept in mind when designing a curriculum, for an instance, children after the age of four are usually taught counting to 10. Finding a preschool can be detrimental to cognitive and social development because a few studies have disputes regarding the benefits of a preschool. A study was conducted on 14,000 preschools by UC Berkeley and Stanford University revealing that preschool has detrimental effects on social development and cooperation because there is a temporary cognitive boost in pre-reading and math. Another research shows that a greater impact on future outcomes is shown on the kids that remain in the home environment as compared to preschools. Whereas considering all these variables into account, ABC Preschool was developed.

Play Schools?

Most of the preschool are basically “play-based” and don't provide early information in academic subjects and there is prominent evidence for that. According to professor of Boston College, Doctor Peter Gray, who is an expert on evolution of play and its important role in the development of a child say that, “children learn to make their own decisions, see from other's point of view, control their own impulses and emotions, make friends and negotiate differences with others while they are playing with other children, away from adults.” Simply, he wants to say that playing is the only way how children take control of their lives.

ABC Preschool

ABC Home Preschool will be the perfect alternative for your little one if he is having trouble with regular preschool or kindergarten because this school has been providing home preschool services to the public since very long now. Those parents who want to homeschool their children, our curriculum is the perfect fit for them because of its age specific. Our curricular varies from ages like there's different curricular for 2-year-old, 3-year-old and 4 to 6-year-old. We don't believe in providing the same curricular for all the age groups. There should be a different curriculum for all the different ages in a preschool and they should be taught according to the level of intellect they possess. All the kids learn at different levels and that is exactly ABC Preschool stands for, we have different preschool material for every age group.

Wipe-off Preschool Curriculum Workbook is the original curriculum being advised at ABC Preschool. A workbook and that holds a curriculum for 9-months with 5 subjects and it is completely wipe-off. Children love wiping off the worksheets and then using them again because of their novelty. Parents are also very fond of the wipe-off worksheets because there is a lot of repetition in teaching and their preschoolers can do the projects and worksheets over and over again, also because they are in love with the idea of use and re-use. These curriculum workbooks are offered through 6 curriculum versions to the age of 2, 4, 6 and 3.

Our curriculums are not just limited to the workbooks but you can also download them online or get a CD version of it. This allows you to acquire the same curriculum in a more affordable way.

Reading, math, writing, social studies and science are the subjects offered in our 9-month curriculum.

Huge Sale!!

Get the Age 3, Age 2 and Age 4 curricular at very low price for a limited time only. You can either download these three versions for the charge of $49.99 or get a CD version of it that will cost $59.99. This a steal for the year since you will have all the three curricula to teach your kids at a minimum price.

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I was very unsatisfied because I bought a 3-year old downloadable version of ABC curricula. At first, I thought that it's very good since it only costs $30 until I saw on the internet that I could acquire better worksheets for free along with other reasons to why I didn't like it. No 1 is that it doesn't really challenge your child. My little baby is two years old and I bought a three-year-old version and she even found that too easy to be countered. My second reason for not liking it is that it doesn't get any different and shows the same material in all months. My little one got bored of it real soon, (each month is a letter a number a where do I live worksheet and then science activity's that aren't that good compared to the great ones you can find on the net). My third reason is that it lacks a lot, I think at the age of 3 there is more to know than just writing a letter or a number or knowing where an animal lives. This program just didn’t work for me and I don’t really know but maybe it can work for you and your child but I would suggest searching the internet before buying a product like this. – Sam Windsor

I ordered my pre-school product on the website of ABC Home preschool and I was delighted to receive my products superfast not to mention that their service was super-fast. The products are a fun for my children and extremely easy to follow. Thanks! – Brian Bucks

An amazing curriculum that I found on the internet and they were super-fast in their services. My kids have loved their products and they have learned a lot because of it. Thanks a bunch! – Alexa Rea