Bathorium–Bring Back The Bath

#BringBackTheBath has some revolutionary past that resulted in Bathorium. Back in 2014, when Greg Macdonald noticed that Europeans are having some unusual bathing habits where they wanted to enjoy it more while being close to nature and forget the hardships of daily life.

It was when with the inclusion of natural oils, scrumptious butter, and sea salt along with rock salts were mixed in the adequate ratios that made the inhabitants of Amalfi to the Southern France having a refreshing and reviving bath experience with Bathorium creations.

With Bathroium, we have the objective that everyone must bath delightfully.

This is why; we are dedicated to offering an entirely exceptional familiarity to our keen bathers in the bathtub. We believe that when you are alone in your own company, then it must be equipped with all the luxuries like your desirable beverage, a book from your favorite author, and eminent bathing items. We can find almost everything in nature, for instance, there are beneficial oils, clays, butter, salts, which do not only cleanse your skin but also soothes it and relax your thoughts. We have this aim that when you come out of the bathtub, you are revitalized and in a reinstated mood.

Charcoal Luxury bath set gift
In the modern days, everyone prefers using Charcoal to have a toxin less body. This is because the element has cathartic and antioxidant qualities. Thus, if you want to gift someone, then this bath set is the most appropriate option.

1 urban charcoal soap- Carriage44
1 charcoal garden detox
1 facial sponge – WYLD skincare charcoal Konja
1 hand towel – Stray and Wander Turkish

Luxe White Gift Box & Satin Red Ribbon

You will find 66 grams of hefty signature CRUSH bath soak
It’s time to pamper you with any of these moniker lavish bath soaks from CRUSH. Henceforth, this is the finest method to get fresh with elementals from Bathorium bath soak.
You ought to have faith in us when we say that you must gift it to your loved ones.

1 600 grams pack of Charcoal garden detox
1 600 grams of Sea Kelp serenity
1 600 grams of Eucalyptus Apothecary
1 600 grams of Rosemary Citrus Emulsion
A red ribbon tied on the gift box of Luxe White

Honored to be Canada’s Best Bath Bomb manufacturers + Bath Merchandiser Company
Situated in Canada, Bathroium is the renewed manufacturer of extravagant bathing items made up with quality components. This is why; we develop the bath bombs and bathe that are handmade plus good enough to leave your body with the invigorating effect like you are growing up again. This is the reason that we want all of you to have an exquisite bathing time.

The Viewpoint

Producing such bathing items that rejuvenate and recondition not only the body but soul of the bather as well. It knocks you from inside by offering you an immense serenity while making the pessimism and contaminations to release out from your body and calming your body to the soul.
A Canadian firm with an international aim to #BringBackTheBath.

The Strategy

We clinch all the sagacity.

When in the tub, it should not be about just a bubble mixture of oils and salts. With this factor in mind, we schemed all of our items that will tranquil your concentration, tickle your skin with that gush of nature in your tub. Smell the scent of the candle, listen to the fizzle, breathe deeply and lose yourself.

We endow you eccentricity

For Bathroium, every client has an exclusive importance and we want to hear all of you. Therefore, we become voices of those who are unheard and augment the views of modern days’ doers and achievers.

The modification is our objective

At Bathroium, we are working too hard towards those edges, which are usually drawn with the bath. We are creating ways to end those limits and give all new meanings to the bath. We are introducing methods through which we can have the fresh elements and through innovation, we are manufacturing these items.

We induce the real prettiness

We utilize our knowledge, syndication, and items to stir that beauty from inside you that is hiding inside us. This is why; we have our faiths related to good living, showing affection to everyone, and taking bath gorgeously.

A Big NO to lab testing on animals

Morality is our motto at Bathorium when we are manufacturing the most amazing bathing products. It is our policy to check all the items meticulously and on those who are affectionate to bathing. This makes us obtain our range of scented or indispensable oils, rock or sea salts, and vegetable butter from the reliable sources that comply with our regulation and are totally refrained to use it on animals.

It is dreadful to test cosmetics on animals. A number of animals are used for the cosmetic testing purpose, such as mice, pigs, and rabbits. In reality, these cosmetic products can be produced without being tested on innocent animals and we are committed to endorsing this practice.

To prove our dedication towards this cause, Bathorium has its partnership with HSI that is operating internationally and in the countries like New Zealand, India, China, Taiwan, Europe, Russia, United States and Canada to end this barbarity on animals. We encourage our clients to come forward and join hands with us to end testing on animals by signing our Cruelty-Free pledge.

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Professional life has become tough since you do not only put efforts with your mind, but it is crucial to have a presentable personality as well. I rely on Bathorium Charcoal salt soap to relax that is not only good for my skin, but provides me with that pleasant emotion too that refreshes my soul. The cleansing effect works well and anti-toxin release all the harmful vibes. All of my skin problems have resolved with the use of this soap. For my hairs, this soap is the best as compared to any other fancy shampoo.