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Burkedecor.com is a source that is inspired by great designs for home décor and furnishing items, right according to the needs and necessities of the living. We have compiled an extensive variety of furniture, home necessities, and improvement products along with numerous fixtures because of our passion for quality and artfully decorated spaces. Our products are available through an online boutique.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing a commercial office space or refurbishing your home, burkedecor.com is skilled in creating harmony and balance in every design that they create. Our craftsmanship is skilled and every project of ours is defined by balance.

Do you know what decorating is? It is a soulful combination of textures, colors, materials, and functionalities. If you have visited our website, you will know that our catalog features a vast variety of furniture and décor range that has been collected from top aesthetics and designs available in the industry. You can get anything you want from us, either it is a unique wall hanging or an everyday use dinnerware. There is only one name for quality and brand, one that is providing spectacular products from around the globe and that is Burke Décor.

Our Assurance

We assure you that every product that we sell is of top-notch quality and competitive price range. Our team includes a number of designers, photographers, and stylists that are experienced at making your house a home for your, a place that you can relate to. Our team is known for providing our customers with the best outcome possible keeping in view of their exact requirements. Burkedecor.com is offering you with countless possibilities for your home décor so now you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to furnishing your entire space. We are also offering detailed product collections from popular brands along with personalized boutiques and our clients are capable of styling their homes while sitting at their computers or through smart devices from the comfort of their home.

Burkedecor.com was launched as a small design online boutique in 2007. Since then our website has been through numerous changes and now it contains a catalog of over 80,000 products. We also provide you with a team of professional designers that are available for assisting our clients with any type of project. We have also worked ourselves up for business to business purchasing services for interior designers, architects, hospitality firms, contractors, and management companies. You can check our website for more information regarding our Trade Program, sign up today and get to know how we can help you.

We also provide retailing services and our retail stores are located in Los Angeles, Boardman & CA. You can obtain information from our retail locations regarding our local decorating services and contact information.

Everything You Need!

All you need from unique objects to wallpapers, personal care accessories, furniture along with gifts for your loved ones, it’s all available at burkedecor.com. Our website has been segregated in a professional way and our clients can easily access every home décor item from it through all the convenience they need. Our segregation works in a way that the client can choose an item by color, by price, by size and by a material. We also provide services for product information, custom quotation and design suggestion, the client should feel free to contact us.

There is a wide range in our decorating styles and that includes Coastal, Modern, Traditional, Vintage and Contemporary. Urban modern, modern minimalism and organic modern are the design included in our range of modern designs. At burkedecor.com, you will find the most engaging brands from all around the world. You will also get to see designs of leading and up-coming artisans and designers of the world.

Apart from the styled and iconic home décor items, Burke Décor is also offering you a selection of obscenely beautiful bathing accessories. You can get yourself these ones of a kind scented candles, lotions, and other personal accessories to make your bathing an experience that you just can’t forget. Our accessories can also be used as gift items for your friends and family.

Too Much for You? We Can Help

Burke Décor wants to make sure that the online boutique works as a personal interior designer for you because we know what an overwhelming experience stylizing your home could be. Our stylists are always here to help you with anything that you may need. Feel free to contact us for literally anything that may be on your mind regarding your home styling. We are also providing you with home delivery service which means shopping for your home has never been this easy.

To say it all, we think that every home should relate to the people living in it. It should be something that portrays their style and signifies everything they love. We can guarantee that you will love designs that are featured on our website. We hope you find something out of the box that catches your eye and you’d like it for either yourself or to be gifted. We feature furnishings for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, modern kitchen, spa, baby nursery, office and outdoor space. This means you can shop through thousands of pieces without even having to move even an inch from the comfort of your home. We tend to make shopping furniture the easiest experience for you. Thank you for stopping by.


Burke Decor


I ordered a Nest candle for a wedding gift to a friend but due to some problem at the warehouse, the product never got shipped. When I complained about it to Burke Décor, they listened to me very keenly and rectified the situation as soon as they could. Burke Décor is definitely recommended – Taylor T

I've been buying for them for quite some time and they have always been very cooperative regarding any question that I had. Love their products and highly recommended. – Jennie Smock

I required a console and I researched the whole market for it, fortunately, Burke Décor offered me with the best price and the piece arrived within a week of order placement. Great customer experience and I highly recommend it. – Elora