CatsPlay–The Superstore of Cat Furniture

The Superstore of Cat Furniture makes pampering your cat a fun game! Our mission is to be the “definitive internet destination for cat’s homeowners who spoil them”. You will find one of the web's best choice of customized and pre-manufactured cat’s furniture pieces – all under one roof!

Type of Cat Furniture

Our cat-furniture comes in numerous styles, starting from straight cat scratching posts,

Mid-sized cat perches and cat trees, to extra-large cat towers and gym accommodating multiple cats. If your cat prefers to snuggle up in encircled areas, go through our choice of cat condos. Worried because of Space limitation? Come and join the growing trend, consider saving the house and allowing your cat to sit high on top of your room with a cat wall mount climbing system? If you like to build over time, consider beginning with a standard cat-furniture system, and adding to that over a period of time.

STYLE of Cat Furniture

We make it simple for our client to buy customized cat furniture by the design we have to offer for your furniture. Whether you are searching for traditional carpeted cat furniture or a lot of urban alternative in natural red cedar, you will definitely find something to please your needs – and that of your cats — at Therefore if your vogue leans toward modern-day cat furniture, or if you're within the mood for an extremely arbitrary, far-out cat tree, you'll find a wide range to decide upon. Better yet, take into account our indoor-outdoor cat furnishing, that's a breeze to scrub and maintain for shelter environments, or simply an excellent mean for you to give your cat an area to lounge and climb outdoors! We can safely say that we know the art of style.

SIZE of Cat Furniture

Using the below cat-furniture height classes, we tend to build it simple for you to seek out the perfect piece of cat furniture in the size that you're looking for. Or maybe you're looking for cat furniture that is compact enough to suit into a confined space, you might like a gigantic kitty gymnasium which is expansive and provides a nice lounge and play area for multiple cats.  From three feet to eight feet and above, you will be sure to find it here on

Company History

CatsPlay began its operations back in 2002, and currently is one among the foremost well-known place online that provides exclusive cat furniture. Brian Bettar operates and owns cats play.  Brian has been in this cat furniture manufacturing business since 1985 operating previously under the name of Seventh Heaven Pet Supplies. Surely you cannot stay in business for such a long time without the production of best in class and high-quality products!

Superstore of Cat Furniture

Fun, exciting and functional, our immense selection of customized, high-quality of cat furniture provide cat lovers with wide ranges to choose from which surely are affordable. Hence, we provide you with the high-quality products produced by the leaders within the industry of cat furniture manufacturing; our custom created products possess solid wooden center poles and legs along with cut-pile non-loop ground cover with additional bracing and broad shake-free bases. This exclusive furniture is unlike any other type of furniture that you have ever noticed or possessed in your life!

With our extensive range of stature, completely unique choices of superior and amazing styles, we provide a cat house or special cat play gymnasium for even the selective cats as well as their friends. Furthermore, do not just rely on our words; go through our client reviews or like our page on Facebook to review the photos shared by our several satisfied clients who purchased from us over the years as we believe in quality.

What Makes CatsPlayUnique

If you have ever been annoyed by the absence of wide selection and dubious quality cat-furniture presented by big box stores, then you will surely admire the selection offered by us as CatsPlay provides you with the freedom of choice to have a customized selection of cat furniture – by selecting from a huge variety of carpets in assorted colours, sisal choices, sizes, and much more. Customized orders are always welcome.  In fact, we value your customizations which give us ideas to create preferred pieces as per your requirements and choices! Based on your ideas, our skillful experts and furniture makers then create a masterpiece only for our valued clients – and their cats!

If you are too anxious to wait for a customized piece of furniture, we have a tendency to provide an outsized pre-made choice, economy cat-furniture which will be delivered to your doorstep, instantly!

Our aim is to give you outstanding client service. Hence, which means a real human who responds immediately to your emails, and gives you prompt and efficient response to process your orders.

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I ordered and received an item described as “custom-made” and pretty pricey. It came and was simply a cheap factory made item that goes well (reportedly) with a high ticket item. I contacted the company and pointed out that my $40 item is obtainable from other places for $15, and that I plan to return it. Postage is the customer's responsibility for returns, however, the company agreed that the item description was incorrect and sent me postage to return the item. The 4 instead of 5 stars is because they are issuing a credit rather than a refund. I do appreciate their process of correcting the website the same day making sure no more detractors are created and paying the postage for the return. Last but not the least they do have the nicest looking outdoor cat enclosures I can find around. – Carousel Design

My Review:

This custom created mini jungle I ordered from the company has been my cat's favorite toy and generally, he will not stop wiggling with it. It makes my cat feel like it’s a tiger in the jungle, a truly fun experience for him! I had created it with a built-in litter pack which is simple to clean, the good thing is that it is shaped like a nest made of plastic leaves an oversized wildcat would use as a resting place. It has elaborate features like tree-shaped supports and a river moat where he can drink.