Wine Is Classier &Better Than Beer- 5 Reasons Why?

A colleague of mine here recently wrote a piece regarding wine versus brewage. He made a claim by saying that one is not really higher than the opposite and I definitely agree. Wine category is something which has not been made clear so far.

Often, when I am going out to eat, if there's a nice beer on the faucet, I frequently order a pint or two of beer rather than a glass of wine from a winery you will be able to obtain anyplace. I do not really think too much about the wine category. Plus there's just something simply great about drinking a great glass of beer on tap.

My fellow author didn't choose sides in this age-old competition. But I'm more than up for the said challenge and happy to glorify the virtues of a great wine. I'm particularly proud to require a symbolize wine category since many wine drinkers in this country seem to dwindle in the face of anyone who badmouths wine and brags concerning the virtues of the brew.

The tired recent refrain I often hear from folks is that beer is for everyone and wine could be a cliquish drink for wealthy folks riding around in Rolls Royces asking if they need any Grey Poupon.

Come on give me a break.

There's are tons of super wines out there that price way below than many single bottles of craft beer. The problem is several wine magazines and movies like to play up the image of the wine as the wealthy man's drink. Stories concerning wine auctions and six-figure wines habitually makes the news, reinforcing several people's stereotypes about wine being a delicate, high-priced drink of the wealthy.

I'm here to require and indicate a stand for the millions of wine drinkers around the globe who don't consume wine merely to impress their jittery neighbors. I'm here to speak out for every regular individual that loves to drink a glass or two of wine after work or with dinner in a quiet hour of meditation.

Of course, we're not the only one. Wine consumption continues to climb every year around the world and especially in the United States. There's a reason behind it. In fact, I am going to offer you five reasons why wine continues to be more popular year after year. So watch out, Beer-dear. The wine's coming to get you. And here are five reasons why wine is better and healthier.

1) The wine's smart like you – I don't care what web has to say about wine. You can say all you want about beer making bones stronger, boosting your vitamins or protecting against carcinogens.

In 1991, the CBS News program by the name of “60 Minutes” ran probably the most authoritative news segment concerning wine on television in the history. In “60 Minutes” a famous segment known as “The French Paradox,” the news show explored why French people have lesser heart issues than Americans. The simple answer was: red wine. Since then, wine sales in America have grown year after year.

As for beer guts, well, all I am going to say is you never hear about individuals drinking an excessive amount of wine and developing a “wine gut.” And don't let those beer ads having guys with 6-pack abs fool you. Keep drinking that beer and you will soon be carrying around a 12-pack underneath your shirt, Elby.

2) Wine typically costs less – I can already hear you hooligans throwing your beer cans and yelling, “are you kidding? Wine costs a lot.

Pipe down boy. If you would like to spend extra on wine, go for it. But if you've been in a liquor store in the last 10 years, you'd know that you can easily find lots of nice wine for under $10 a bottle or even less than $5 a bottle in some cases. True isn’t it?

So a rule of thumb, there are four glasses of wine in a 750 ml bottle, which is 25.3 ounces. At $5 a bottle, that's $1.25 a glass. So if you're buying a six pack of wine, and if wine in a can is what you like, that would work out to $7.50 for six glasses. Surely, there are beers that cost way less, but there are many more that cost far more, which is fine if that's your favorite beer and you want to spend a few extra $. Just don't say it's a rich man's drink.

3) Wine usually gets better with age – This is one of the great things regarding wine. Often, most wines taste nice the minute you get them home from the store. But in some cases, they just get better with age – like George Clooney.

That's because some wines, particularly few red ones, have tannins. Let me talk for a second and about tannins, which is a chemical substance found in the grapes used to make wine. These natural chemicals give wines a slightly bitter taste when the grapes are young. But as the wine passes the time in a cool, dark place, these chemicals transform these wines into smooth, velvety gems that would give a run for its money.

4) Wine is the new sexy – There's just something more dashing and more cultured about wine. When you go out on a date or looking to have a romantic night with your partner, bring beer one night and a bottle of wine the other night. Trust me, unless you're “The Most Fascinating Man in the World,” your wine night should be much more romantic – unless you decide to break out the Plunger head.

5) Wine tastes better – I know what you're going to say, Barney. Taste is in the eye of the beholder. Or as you might eloquently put it, “Beer sucks.”

But close your eyes and take a sip of your favorite beer and then take a sip of a really fantastic wine. It can be red or white either's fine

Now take another sip of beer and another sip of wine. Then another sip of beer or wine? Wait, where was I? Is that my glass or yours?

Did you get the point? If you love wine & wine class, stop making excuses and just enjoy!


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