Click and Grow

As spring is on its wings to go, and we are now welcoming summer, so one needs to plan something to improve air quality because of its wide benefits on health. And obviously, there is no better way than this to welcome the new season but it sometimes is confusing from where to start. We believe that we are residing in the era of modern technology, so why not comfort ourselves, and what’s better than the latest technology as it is used like everything and without them, life is unimaginable for many of us.

And yes, when it comes to technology, we should consider that health benefits and technology should go hand in hand. Here, the best option is nothing else but the Smart herb garden which is a start of a green trend everywhere. But wait, before we talk about our surroundings, we have to make our utmost environment green. And this is nothing else but our homes. As breathing quality air inside the home is also very important because we are spending a significant amount of our time indoors. Hence, a Smart Herb Garden is specially designed for indoor purposes to fit at any compact space. It helps us in growing perfect herbs with a minimum of effort and increased production. What you just need to do is insert the capsules, keep it filled with water, plug the device into the mains and the device will do the rest itself. And yes, just to ease you more, the device has a reservoir of about 1.2L/40oz water, which means you don’t have to worry about refilling the water for about a month. Isn’t it very luxurious? Of course, it is as it let you spend your leisure time diversely.

For the device to do everything for our self, we require something smarter to keep the check and balance of water and oxygen in it. No problem, our specially designed Smart Soil contains such ingredients that work according to the plant cycle and no effort is required to add fertilizers or other additives. It distributes water in such a way that you don’t need watering, again and again, like in ordinary soil planting. Also, the roots can get oxygen every time, thus keeping the pH level constant and consequently the plants grow faster.

Not only this, but the adjustable LED lighting in our herb garden which only consumes 4W of power helps in stimulating the growth of the plants in sun-starved environments.


After a long research and got inspired by the NASA technology, we designed the Smart Soil which releases the nutrients as per the plants' needs, maintains its pH, and assures that the soil receives oxygen every time. Therefore, we give most of the credit to our Smart Soil in selling our gardening kits and helping us to achieve our goal of building more gardens and spreading green everywhere.


You might be thinking that buying this herb garden might bound you to grow only selective fruits or vegetables and buying this might not be a good decision, but wait, the latest and space-saving smart herb garden-focus on the word smart- helps you to choose from a variety of 40 pre-seeded capsules. Not only this, you can also use our seedless refilling and grow a wide variety of plants you like without any boundaries by just popping the capsules of your choice into the herb garden.


We believe that health is wealth. And every person deserves to live a healthy life. And to achieve overall good health, eating right is a key component. Click & Grow always thinks about the well-being of every person and tries to make the best, fresh and vitamin-packed food. For this purpose, we designed this technology of indoor herb garden to make our dream come true of people living a healthy sustainable life by growing fresh foods.


Started from Hong Kong and advanced to Alaska, our innovation of this garden assisted the people in eating the very fresh food made from home and controlling what they want their bodies to be fed with. And to our success, we have made approximately more than 3,50,000 members who enjoy their healthy life by eating fresh food.

Click & Grow uses latest technologies which are 100% free of GMO and other harmful substances in such a way that plant growth is modified naturally. For this purpose, we designed the Smart Soil which circulates all the nutrients when the plant needs it. Moreover, it maintains the pH and also assures that the soil receives oxygen every time. Hence, Smart Soil is our maximum creditor in selling our gardening kits without any harmful substances.

In this latest era, Click & Grow aims to transform people’s thinking about food. Therefore, it tries its level best to encourage clean and organic food production and consumption instead of those tasteless store-bought products.



According to one of our customers, the Smart Herb Garden grows great herbs and as per the guidance provided, it took about six weeks for each of the herb plants to get to a good size. He appreciated the variety of refill cartridges as he is free in choosing. But the customer thinks that the price is slightly high if it includes only three cartridges. Moreover, he also suggests that if it were more high-technology, he would have appreciated it and remarked the price more reasonable.

Another customer reported that the technology is an extremely useful smart home gadget. He loves when he just has to set it and forget it. He is satisfied by knowing that the plants are receiving the right amount of water, light, and nutrients. He added that he had also set up the Sensor Push smart sensor to assist in monitoring the temperature and humidity levels of the plants. He complimented Click and Grow herb garden technology as ‘robot garden’ since once it is up and running the device works on its own.