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Life is better on the beach — Cupshe

Since our beginning back in 2013 our brand Cupshe, a Californian designed and inspired swimwear has attracted many women around the world. This company was created out of a deep love for the simplicity of beach life and love of traveling to exotic places. Cupshe is a blend of aspirational elegance & affordable fashion which inspired us to design swimwear collections for you to live life on the beach.

We have a grasp over fashion, fabrication & function in our production & design processes. We live to inspire beauty & confidence with elegant affordable swimwear. We endeavor magnificence that everyone admires.

For continuous improvement, we make sure that we listen to our customer feedback and integrate it with latest trends to create the ultimate high-end clothing.

Our product comes with amazing prices and premium quality for everybody.

Want clothes for women, let’s begin the Retail Therapy:

This site is just amazing. Their shipping is all over the world – They have all the latest fashion trends to make you look sharp and that too in affordable prices. There is always a sale going on so make sure to get in touch on daily basis.

New Arrivals:  We have all the latest trends. You can find all new items according to your type and taste, you will be pleasantly surprised at what is coming into the New Arrivals for clothes for women here.

Swimwear:  We have a tendency to spend too much time picking out perfect swimsuit since curves of our body are under the spotlight. Here you can find a wide variety in Floral Printing, Tank Tops, One-Piece, Halter, Crochet, High-Waisted Fit, and Solid Color options for you.  Enjoy it here.

Dress:  The Dress is essential for women clothing.  That free feel of a well-designed and well-made dress.  See our selection of Slip Dress, Casual Dress, Floral Printing, Maxi, Boho Printing Dress, Bodycon Dress, Mini, and Lace.  Amazing selection, excellent quality at an unbelievable price.  Check out the Dress selection now…

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Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer:  Regardless of the current season, you will find the clothes that will make you look the best. Check out our Seasonal Wonders our seasonal beauties are worth looking into. Shop with us throughout the Seasons.  See it here:

Accessories:  Accessories are necessities J  we have a wide range for you to choose from.  From Jewels, Hats, Pouches, Sunglasses, Scarves, Socks & Tights, Gifts, Phone Cases, and Stationaries. Let’s Accessorize go here to begin!

Clothing:  Well this might seem redundant but search for cheap clothes for women has no limits. See a selection of Tops, Rompers, Pants, Skirts, Matching Sets, Plus Sizes, and our favorite:  “SALES!”   Bask your eyes on the selection here:

Clearance:  Amazing clearance sale- get many items for $5.99.  This site ROCKS!  This Retail Therapy is absolutely necessary and within your budget. You will definitely love this section of the site.

Gallery:  An honorable mention, their Gallery Section… pictures of all those women celebrating clothes for women is something that will make you smile, not just cheap clothes for women.  The clothes we wear, only help us to get through life in a happier and better manner.  It would be awful to reflect Retail Therapy without a Gallery… let's stay away from it.  Visit the Gallery – and share the love affair we have with clothes for women and keep smiling.




I ordered two bikinis from Cupshe and both are lovely. I followed the sizing guide and measured very carefully, and they fit perfectly. The fabrics and stitching are excellent, Colors & prints are beautiful. I’m surprised that people expect easy returns on $25 bathing suits. Many stores don’t allow it to be returned. That’s why I ordered one to see what it was like, knowing I might be stuck with a swimsuit I didn’t like. The only thing that I don’t like is that they remove bad reviews from the site, that’s very dishonest this must not be done. – Erica

After I ordered a swimsuit from Cupshe, I decided to read some of the reviews. I was nervous after I went through some of the reviews that it was just cheap clothes for women but I had already ordered it. The order was placed on 6/8/2017 and my suit arrived today 6/20/2017 exactly when they said it would. It is beautiful and sizing is perfect. I am happy to give this website a thumbs up and I will order from them again. – Darlene

I actually relish it more than the fact that the smalls are like medium J I am 5'3 and weighs 115 pounds and ordered the small. The top fits me great but the bottom was big. My only complaint was that it said 6 shipping days and I was trying to get it before my vacation to the beach but didn't come in time as it took a month to arrive. – Elizabeth Foster

I purchased some swimsuits and Cupshe delivered it as per description and item are shown in the picture. Of course, they are not going to have a luxurious feel or be as nice as a $150 bikini set. If you are willing to settle for low-priced fabric and not as nice a fit, this is a GREAT site. However, if you are looking for the real thing, nothing is too good to be true and you are going to have to pay the higher price elsewhere for the genuine thing. – Kendall