Decentralized Travel for Ultimate Savings


We are highly pleased to present you an alternative travel venture, which is considered as an innovator in the business world of traveling.  New company XCELTRIP in view of their vision to change the way we travel by making us pay less are the first one to have the expertise in using Blockchain technologies in order to remove the role of middlemen, agents and the additional or irrelevant costs that people used to spend for traveling in the past. This company with all your travel needs to be met is bringing an evolution in the world of traveling, it would not be wrong if we can call it “travelution”. This is the kind of travel resolution we need, which helps the clients and dealers meet their needs at the same time.

Presenting You the 3 Stages of Evolution in the Traveling World;

XCELTRIP shows us the 3 stages of evolution in the traveling industry and takes us to the future with enormous advantages to all. In the last stage, the XCELTRIP helps us in removing the layers of agents, mediators, and administrations that we had in all the previous stages. We can see that both the parties i.e. clients and dealers are benefitted with more profitability and good pricing. Following are the 3 stages;

Stage 1 – Before the advent of the internet

In order to travel in the past, you would first have to call travel agents or any other sort of representatives were necessary. This process became costly as well as time taking which was the frustrating thing for the clients. With the arrival of the internet, many people have forgotten these days, while others were born in the time of internet, which takes us into stage 2.

Stage 2 – Arrival of the internet era

By the late 90’s online traveling took the hype and was easily accessible. Many organizations such as Priceline, Expedia, Cheap flights, myriad and many other competed with one another in the world of online traveling providing different traveling solutions. These solutions helped in disposing of the role of administration by making several databases. In order to make traveling resources accessible, these databases are associated and connected with different sites and system frameworks. Although it was a big positive change as compared to stage one, still the expenses of middlemen and other dealers were prevailing, along with the following problems;

  1. Due to compact and centralized databases, problems like corruption, technical issues, errors, delays in solving customer issues were there
  2. Due to the costs of maintaining databases, securities, expenses of middlemen and various processes the dealers were left with little profit.
  3. Due to various problems and lack of effectiveness the expenses had to be bear by the vendor and the customers. Thus making more expensive.
  4. There was a possibility of a project like XCELTRIP.

Stage 3 – XCELTRIP; with a future vision of using Blockchain technology

The evolution of traveling is here creating a much better traveling experience by eliminating the middlemen, brokers, and administration along with the expenses incurred in step 2, following are the some of the key points of this alternative traveling project;

  1. Eliminating human error by installing and using Blockchain technologies.
  2. Accessibility and exact data and other information of all travel resources along with other benefits.
  3. By using blockchain technologies, different solutions are provided to traveling problems and the costs related to traveling are reduced by removing the unnecessary involvement of brokers, admins and out of date databases.
  4. Both the dealer and the customer can save a lot of money (in terms of property, rents, cars, location etc.)
  5. All these key features help in having a better and affordable traveling experience for the vendors.

Thus, XcelTrip is using the technology that provides unlimited solutions to the travel industry and is benefiting both the parties.

XcelTrip is a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system”: a full online alternative travel project service.

In order to change the way you travel today or going to travel in the future, XcelTrip does not only provide you services like hotels, air travel or car rental but it is also bringing in innovations to meet your travel needs with as minimum expenses as possible.

Along with a vision to decentralize the travel services they are enabling their traveling partners like hotels and clients to save the expenses of middlemen and pass them to their partners.

They are committed to making the traveling experience smooth, joyful and less costly. Keeping your privacy under consideration they are using Blockchain technologies in the most delicate areas to keep your information secret and secure. They have also created an app that provides extra value-added services for the convenience of their clients, which is not offered by the competitors.


  • Hotel bookings
  • Flight bookings
  • Attractive holiday packages
  • Collective traveling experience


  • Accessible and affordable rooms at best properties
  • Various flight options to different destinations with a world class service
  • XcelTrip manager is always online to help you meet your traveling needs.
  • Enjoy more services other than booking by using the mobile app.


  • Best price for our customers with low vendor’s fee.
  • Using the blockchain technology for ensuring your information safe and secure.
  • Beneficial for the business partners due to well-distributed economic model either through saving money or earning by joining our XcelTrip business.
  • You can also earn while traveling, use and check our IMP program.

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To conclude, we would like you to join this “travelution” an alternative traveling project to become our “Independent Marketing Partner (IMP)” or Vendor Partner. Our partners have the advantage of having an access to our “XcelTrip Marketing System” that helps in developing your business.

Additionally, XcelTrip has also an XcelTrip Foundation for a charitable cost that gets 20% of the total income earned.


My feedback;

Work makes me travel a lot, and XcelTrip has made it quite easier for me to go from one place to another. It truly is an alternative travel project. In order to get the best travel deals, we now don’t have to depend on the vendors like or Expedia. I strongly recommend this to you as it is not only convenient but affordable and less expensive as well.