Escort Passport Radar Detectors

Escort’s is a company based in North America, with its headquarters being located in metro Cincinnati, OH, Escort Inc. For more than 30 years this electronics engineering company has been designing and manufacturing radar/laser detectors and high-end automotive accessories within the vicinity of North America. One of their flagship product is the Max 360 radar detector.

We strictly follow a principle: Provide our clients with high-quality products and services. After all, everything begins with you – our much-esteemed customer. We have professionally trained engineers, a best in the class production facility and complete priority is given to the quality.

Escort has sold in excess of 10 million detectors and automotive accessories that make it possible for you to Drive Smarter. We believe in providing you an exemplary experience that would exceed your expectations.

MAX 360c



The new ESCORT MAX 360c is the first ever radar and laser detector made specifically for the connected cars. With Wi-Fi integration, the MAX 360c modifies through the connected Wi-Fi, thereby notifying the driver of the most recent ticket threats in the particular time frame.

The new ESCORT MAX 360c automatically connects to the connect car's Wi-Fi and consequently integrates with ESCORT Live, our premium real-time protection network that operated without your smartphone being connected with the detector. ESCORT Live keeps drivers mindful of any cautions got and filed by different users in the region, and provides you data based on local speed limit data including over speeding alerts.

With Max 360, Now avail the Gold Package Upgrade For Free

In this package, you’ll be able to get a defender database subscription for a time period of three years, 24 bonus months service protection and a download cable. This all is worth $90 only! Use promo ESGOLD.




FREE Shipping. Incorporates ESCORT Radar Performance Guarantee (Get a Ticket, We Pay For It*). The very latest RedLine EX has the extreme detection range you liked regarding RedLine with the addition of ESCORT’s suite that brings advanced technology.

Why you should choose Escort Detectors ONLY?

  1. It’s a pioneer when it comes to technology and efficiency.
  2. Winner of more detector awards and credible than all the other players in the market.
  3. Escort owns 65% of all the detection protection patents.
  4. More than 35 years of designing and manufacturing radar detectors.
  5. We'll purchase your former detector! Our very exclusive and customized programs are designed for you to exchange the old one and buy a new one.
  6. VIP program offers you exclusive price cuts!
  7. Only detectors which comprise of AutoLearn technology, subsequently it takes out false alarms that torment all the other products available in the market.
  8. The award-winning “Social network for the road” Escort Live! The application gives you a chance to perceive what every other person in the Escort group is able to see.
  9. Defender Database innovation makes you cautious and prepares you for future to the red light and speed camera areas.
  10. World's all-advanced and up to date detectors with genuine Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to make you cautious to actual dangers quicker and precisely.

For those people who are warriors when driving, this is genuinely a vital instrument to be careful on out and about in the unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of whether you are a ride-share, taxi, delivery driver or only a conventional trucker, this device is made for you. A high-end technology that gives you a chance to keep your record at the security completely clean and your cash safe.


My Review:

This device has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Its radar detector has been great so far to avoid any hassle of getting speeding tickets from the security. I am currently a full-time Uber and Lyft driver in Chicago and you can imagine the kind of pain I have to go through every day as I am mostly under the danger of red lights and the speeding cameras. The application that is connected to my smartphone displays all the relevant information and save my day. It identifies and notifies me from which direction the red light or the speeding camera is coming from and I act accordingly. It’d such an indispensable device for someone who drives on daily basis and specifically drives for income.


Escort Pasport 9500ix is just awesome. Wow is the only word I have to describe it. I read about this product in the mid 70’s while I came across an ad in a person’s magazine.

I got the opportunity to drive with my all new 9500ix and my former radar together. No lies, but there was literally no comparison of both at all. But there’s one problem which is quite fixable. The alerts come in way too advance and hence there might be some confusion. But once, you use it properly you’ll get used to it.

The auto learn characteristic of the device is like advertising. Every day I go through the same route. My former detector used to alert me every time I go through that one spot, literally every time. But the new one just alerted me for three days and then later showed gps signal indicator. So after those three days I didn’t get any alerts or flash lights.

No regrets at all to buy this particular product. I’ve been using it for a month and ask myself every day why I didn’t buy this before. I am now planning to upload a video to show you guys how this product actually works.