Evil Eye – Seeing is Believing

Who in this day hasn’t heard of the evil eye? It’s everywhere!

Even in this day and age, why does evil eye have so much popularity and what exactly it is anyway? We will be researching on this matter and figure out why after so many decades of evolution, why people have not let go of this symbol and belief.

What is the meaning of the “evil eye”?

There are people exists with bad eyes and that is the basic idea of evil eye that you could get caught up in someone's ugly look. The evil eye is a look or way or eyeing somebody that inflicts them harm, bad luck or suffering. That kind of an ugly look could put people under jinx or have a bad influence on the person either intentionally or unintentionally. It will mean that something bad will happen to them and this is another reason why so many people, since the advent of time have believed in magic. The man has also found objects that defy these evil eyes known as the talisman.

Where did the evil eye start?

Mesopotamians are known for recording the first picture of an evil eye over 5000 years ago. They resided in a place which is known as Iraq of today and a some of their community also corresponded to the areas of Syria, Iran, and Turkey. Clay tablets were found in those areas with carvings of an evil eye. You can see that most of the countries as mentioned belong to the Middle East and that is where the belief is also at its peak. 

Who believes in it?

People around the globe believe in the evil eye but there is a difference between the belief of people whether how can it affect them. Following are a few examples of how it differentiates among the many people of the world.

India: People of India believe the eye can give off a certain amount of energy and is the power source on the body of a human. So, it is obvious that the energy emitted by the eyes if evil, will be the ugliest look and people must learn o protect against it. In India, people also believe that eyeing someone with admiration can also bring them bad luck and not just by the evil eye. So, I’d like to be reminded not to look someone straight in the eye when I am in contact with someone.

Brazil: the Fat eye is what known as an evil eye in Brazil. In South America and its surroundings, it believed that evil can be made at someone if compliments given to them are not sincere but if they are, there's no harm to be afraid of. I wonder, how honest people are of South America.

Europe: the looks of greed and hatred can because of an evil eye and that is what known in Europe. There are different signs that are referred to as indicators of the evil eye and are placed in different parts of Europe. These signs include red or squint eyes because of the people of Germany and Ireland believe that they were the ones related to the infliction of pain or harm.

The popularity of the evil eye charm

At this point, I would have no harm in saying that evil is just not omitted by a stranger or someone who hates us but we can also be the cause of it ourselves. The world we live in today, it has been believed that too much fame, success, fortune or praise can also become the cause of our demise as well and this is exactly why over the years, charms for protection against the evil eye have become very popular with the people.  Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, and Rhianna are the examples of the people and celebrities who have seen wearing these charms for protection out in the public. But all of them cannot be compared to Lindsay Lohan because she was seen wearing a charm for a case she was in and during her trial she blamed the evil eye being the reason behind all her suffering hoping that her good luck would be the savior of her. 

How to escape the evil from the eye

If you think you might be in trouble because of an evil eye then the only way to get rid of it is through a charm for protection because they create a protection level for you and the evil is reflected back to the one eyeing. It is also being said that with the course of time, the charm you are wearing will crack or break because it must have done its job and has protected you from the evil as long as it was allowed to and now it should be replaced.

Why protect oneself?

We are never going to know when is someone going to eye us maliciously and which is why people go for jewelry as their protection charms. If you happen to have a ring as protection charm, it will keep you safe in case somebody lays a bad eye on you. I have searched a lot of charms like these until I came across evil eye jewelry and I am just in love with it.

Will I have to love it right? Because I am not ever taking it off and in my case, I have an evil eye necklace which has always been praised by others so many times and I also have an evil eye bracelet which happens to be my favorite and I have never literally never taken it off.

The excerpt was taken from the Blog from OneNecklace, and you can also search for it if you're looking for an evil eye charm for yourself.



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