Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Anti-aging Foods, Truthaboutabs Etc

Part One – Cleaning Out Your Old Kitchen

If you want to turn your basic kitchen that is responsible for all your daily chores into a Fat Burning Kitchen then this will be your first step. The author's purpose here is to pull out some of our really favorite foods from a list and you would never even have wondered about some of those foods to not be on the list. But all in all, most of the author's choices is what we all agree on.

All the categories you will see are based on strong factors and they are created after an extensive research. You will not be getting many surprises here once you see the list unless you are not that big fan of dieting and this is your first step into the unimaginable world.

The basic point of this research has been made after doing a proper research and by admitting solid facts and that point is to chalk out the presence of all the unhealthy food from your kitchen. The study will also explain those factors.

But you need to keep one thing in mind that we are all humans and humans are not perfect and neither does this book expects you to deny your imperfections. The basic prospect of this book is providing you with the knowledge of how to choose better food for yourself and that does include you slipping on to a pizza or a cookie once in a while. The book will also highlight major pros and cons of the food you eat on a daily basis.

So, with that regard, you need to not just rely on the TV commercials that tell you about healthy living. You need to pay focus on this section because it is based on the knowledge you must have while making choices for food.

Part Two – Stocking Your New Fat Burning Kitchen

Organic foods or items are the foods that are kept close to their natural form and the author is also compelled to do that. Basically, minimizing the use of processed and frozen foods and maximizing the use of natural and pure food.

In this section, you will come to know why and which organic food you must make use of in daily routine. It will tell you details on each product along with an explanation of why they are healthy for you and why they must be a part of you Fat Burning Kitchen.

So, apart from exercising, your diet comes down to the foods you choose for a healthy living and for boosting your metabolism in order to burn fats rapidly and this book is a masterpiece for providing that information in such a detailed manner.

But when talking about in a practical manner, you will see that all of the foods mentioned in books are not entirely attainable. Either they are not commonly available or they are too expensive to buy. But then, this book is not going to tell you an ideal diet that is available at your fingertips but it will tell you to choose food and take a diet plan that is not only available to you but it is also wallet friendly.

Also, since we are talking in a practical manner, we would also like you to know that you won’t be able to implement every technique in your kitchen that has been mentioned in this book. But your Fat Burning kitchen strategy will have enough information for you to pile up the food you will need on your journey to reduce fats.

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BONUS Section – The 23 Day Accelerated Fat Loss Plan

This is rather an advanced section of the book and here the author tells his readers how he brought his body fat from 10.2$ to 6.9% and tells them about the eating and exercising plan that he followed.

Quoting directly from Mike:

“don’t stress or panic about these techniques because there is nothing dangerous or extreme about them. These strategies used are technically healthy habits for eating just raised up a bit. And the best part is, I have not used any pill or artificial stimulator to lose weight. My whole plan for burning fat during these 23-days relied on whole food, a few tricks I did with spices and a few natural supplements. I opted for a training program as well that was slightly leveled up from the program I usually use in my routine.”

So, this concludes it all that you don’t need to starve yourself in order to take on an extreme diet.

One thing that may surprise you as well is that you also do need to seat on the cardio training. The diet plan basically revolves around the plan to boost your metabolism and that can be done easily with the resistance training.

Another positive thing about this plan is that the supplements I used were not fat burners instead they were nutrients.

All in all, the book gives you a sound and balanced advice that you can easily put into work.



It was an effective program when it came to turning your kitchen into a fat burning kitchen and for losing fat. It was not at all like the other programs available on the internet that are basically fraud and they don't give you the results as promised. The first step to do when you take on this diet plan is to adopt health foods and prepare a nutritional diet for yourself. According to a research, the basic factor behind obesity is the storage of food in our body because of bad metabolism and unhygienic food and this program effectively eradicate that problem. The right decision regarding your choice of food will help your body in numerous ways for an instance, your metabolic process will strengthen as compared to what it was before and you won’t have to be constantly worried about your calorie count. You will also come to know that some of the foods you used to crave for don’t hold anything over you anymore. The program also demonstrates basic information you need regarding proteins. – Oureviews.com