In this era of sedentary lifestyle, one always searches for things which are luxurious and easy to access. In this case, New York, which is considered the birthplace of many great concoction things helps all way out as it has the luster of many different stimulations which also include the iconic, rye-whiskey-based triple.

The NEW YORK FIRST COMPANY is one of those excitements for anyone which provides access to all the new and latest products from anywhere in the world. But you might be confused that HOW? The New York First Company uses navigations which enables you to locate products in categories exactly in a way you would do if you were there physically. Isn’t it amazing? Obviously yes, New York First Company has invented ways to shop in our own way regardless of our presence anywhere in the city.

New York's Most Exquisite Cocktail Glass (Set of 4)

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New York is a city with established cocktail cultures because it creates an environment that speaks to their generation in a less formal and more approachable way. For this reason, it discovered the lasting cocktail of its time known as the Manhattan Cocktail originated at the Manhattan Club at The Palace Hotel by Dr. Iain Marshall in the most unique, magnificent, graceful, impressive glass now considered as the most exquisite cocktail glass in the New York.

These glasses provide a stunning presentation to serve the most lavish, high-cost, outrageous cocktails in the city. The New York Palace Hotel’s lounge, which is a landmark and luxurious place in the heart of Midtown East, is the exclusive place where those cocktails are served in these impressive glasses.

After gaining popularity, these glasses are now available for your own luxurious dinners or cocktail parties. These are available in a Set of 4 with the height of 6 1/2″; having a rim diameter of 4 1/2″ and Capacity of 8 ounces, hand cut 100% crystal and dishwasher safe. This means, all in one in just $36.00, so who would do the mistake of not purchasing it. At least, I won’t.

Old Knickerbocker Bar “Top Hat” Cocktail Glass


Just like The Knickerbocker, the very first luxury hotel and legendary New York landmark reborn, New York first company is now offering Knickerbocker Bar Cocktail Glass which is shaped as a dapper gentleman with a top hat made in respect for John Jacob Astor.

The history of the glass shape revolves around the very stylish Edwardian headwear. Unlike the glasses in the modern times, these Knickerbocker Cocktail Glasses have shallow sides and low center of gravity. The balance of the glass is maintained by a flat-bottomed base. Its strong, allegorical stem fends off your warm hand from the drink and makes it more agreeable to hold.

This Gift Box Set of 2 “Top Hat” Cocktail Glasses (tallying a past loaded with the period) has a particular sensibility about it, inferring the refinement of the Old Knickerbocker Bar. These are available in a Set of 2 with the height of 5 1/2″; having a rim diameter of 3 1/4″ and Capacity of 4 1/4 ounces and dishwashing safe.

Intelligent Bookcases Since 1907

Yes, 1907, because that was the year F. E. Hale started the make of great looking, cunning shelves, specifically for the workplaces of prominent counselors. His unique glass-front sectional Barrister Bookcases are still hand-created in Upstate New York, giving an unmistakable show to cherished books and collectibles in the home or business library. These stackable cases are made in standard or tall rack units, and in an assortment of woods and completions. Consequently, we have a book that recounts a greater amount of the story.


At the NEW YORK FIRST Company we have faith in the “outdated” thought that serving clients is the reason we are ready to go, and our energies are centered around clients as opposed to contenders. We take a stab at reliably positive, significant administration, to convey more than anticipated. We respect our due dates and assurances, and we do what we say we will do. A family-claimed business, NEW YORK FIRST has assembled a notoriety in view of uncommon client benefit. Subsequently, we regard our clients as an expansion of our family.


Ensuring your own data is a need. In this manner, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to guarantee protected, secure exchanges. With SSL, data sent by means of the Internet is encoded and can be trusted to arrive secretly and unaltered. We trust this component gives the best method to guarantee that your request data is ensured while offering an extremely secure shopping condition.

All in all, we ensure that each online exchange you make will be 100% safe. This implies you don't pay anything if unapproved charges are made to your Visa because of shopping at The NEW YORK FIRST Company. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank can't hold you obligated for more than $50 of false charges. If, for any reason, your bank holds you committed for any of this $50, we will cover the entire hazard for you, up to the full $50 if the unapproved utilization of your credit card came about through no blame of your own from buys made while utilizing the protected server. If there should arise an occurrence of unapproved use of your Visa, you should tell your credit card provider according to its itemizing principles and strategy.

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According to one of our employees, her common day at work was normally bustling particularly relying upon what day it was. Then she figured out how to offer a thing with only a couple of words and she found it entirely simple. The organization worked with her date-book and expect the same, anyway little delays accepted. The work environment condition was chill and laid back yet principles to take after. She found the hardest part was the dis-administration to the client and the most pleasant was becoming more acquainted with the client one on one.

Our second employees remarked the company as good as it was a great deal of fun. The company helped her escape the usual range of familiarity and it assisted with her relational abilities. She also loved assembling new people and quoted that she particularly enjoyed helping ladies feel positive about their new fit!

One of our employees, was in charge of administrative obligations, following yearly objectives, opening and shutting the store, client administration, and preparing the group to do likewise. He adored working at the activity since he could style clients alongside keeping up the store to be a place that he would feel good shopping in. The position was exceptionally fulfilling, and he said he would do it once more, with better pay and hours.