Ominex: Helping You Earn Online

What You Need for a Compliant Token Offering

If we talk about overall ways of earning online money for clients or making ICO or a token offering; OMINEX is considered as the best and most advanced progressing way of earning online money.

Here is what you need to know about two subtle elements:

  • Details about OMINEX Wallet.
  • Points of interest on Why you need to use OMINEX for your token offering.

ICO offering solutions are offered worldwide through Compliance and a Crytpo Wallet solution for the end user, in fact, for every one of us. It is one to watch the Company and its Solutions for the Blockchain manifestations and developments offered to the public around the world.

There are a many Crypto Wallets, however, nothing looks at to OMINEX. There are some Key focuses to comprehend easily.

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  • Safe Private Keys: Your tokens are private to you and are very safe. Want to know how? We don't collect “private keys”, so we don't have control over tokens and investor funds. This makes tokens very safe and secure.
  • Works Everywhere: You can use Ominex anywhere on any device to earn online money. Ominex Token Wallet deals with the tablets, webs, desktops, smartphones and many others to make it an easy and reliable source for everyone.
  • Supports All Tokens: This is interesting to know that we support all Ethereum ERC20 compatible tokens and Bitcoin representing over 2000 and counting. For easiness, we aim to add other currencies and monetary forms as we grow.
  • Compliance: Investor accreditation, subscription agreements, net income/net worth, KYC and more.
  • Know Your Customer conventions (also called KYC): For convenience, we have built-in KYC with the goal that every investor must enter relevant, valid and correct profile data to proceed and buy tokens.
  • Pay in Any Currency: Via our built-in exchanges, you can pay in Bitcoin, dollars, Ethereum, or any other currency. It is up to you to transfer and exchange money to anywhere at any time with any currency.

In the USA, laws administering capital markets are changed about how business raises capital! The JOBS Act provides organizations and companies many new ways to raise money from the public and investors. The JOBS Act gave organizations better approaches to fund-raise from people and investors to trade these investments.

Companies can earn money online legally from the people using Ominex which makes Ominex a “brandable” solution provider. All of our services are available to you and your clients at your domain and with your co-branding and are licensed and operated by Ominex.

Regulation Ready

Raise unlimited funds from certified investors with SAFTs and offerings with our SEC and FINRA compliant Reg. D 506(c) solutions. Now we have started taking reservations for Reg A+ and Reg CF solutions. Since investors are liable to their own country rules and, so we are building the “Open Compliance Project” to support international regulations.

Easy Investing Process

For investors, we make purchasing tokens so easy in the best possible way. They will no longer need to follow an 8-page tutorial to buy cryptocurrencies because we offer an easy app with built-in functionalities. Since Ominex is easy to learn and use, so you can add it to any website.


Ominex supports almost all ERC20 compatible tokens used in ICOs, and Bitcoin, Ethereum. As we grow, we have the plan to add support for more platforms. You can use Ominex for tokens and for making things easier for token holders. Go HERE to list your tokens.

Consumer Interface for Digital Currencies and Apps

Ominex is a consumer interface for decentralized apps. Besides purchasing and managing various cryptocurrencies, we offer access to loans, banking, insurance, and vetted blockchain based services.

Why use Ominex for your token offering?

  • Avoid Legal Problems: Ominex deals with compliance, and we serve as a trusted third party record keeping, so you don't have to worry about it.
  • Increase Revenue: Because we make it easy to learn and use, so our platform increases revenue which makes investors trust you.

Save Time: You don't need to build everything by yourself because you can use our proven solutions and get everything you need.

ICO Solutions

With a Pre-ICO using a Reg D 506(c) compliant offering, you can raise capital online easily.

You can use a SAFT solution offered by Ominex. SAFT solution is easy to use for a Pre-ICO by any company that wants to raise funds for an ICO. You can use a Reg D. 506 (C) offering for investors to raise funds using a SAFT agreement which is a Simple Agreement for future tokens. Here no tokens are issued, so you don't need a smart contract. All you need is just a business plan, subscription agreement, and the Ominex compliant wallet.

It's Easy to Get Started

You don’t need token issuance or “smart contracts” because SAFT is a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. It is a legal agreement to sell tokens to the SAFT holders in future, at a discount usually.

SAFT solution is based on pioneering work done by Marco Santori at Cooley. You can learn more about SAFTs HERE.


The Ominex Pre-ICO SAFT offering is compliant under US Reg. D 506(c). It includes subscription agreement signing, investor accreditation KYC, and everything that is required to meet US regulatory requirements.

If we conclude, these are a couple of bitcoin business solutions to earn online money that we offer. You can VISIT US HERE to know more about the all other services we offer and about how we can help you in the best and easy way.

You can go to OMINEX and register as a User. After registration, you can see how this incredible platform is driving the way for ICO Compliant Solutions and End User Wallets in Crypto.

The sponsorship of this Company originates from years of Compliance in the IPO space and with public funding. Make sure to watch out for this effective solution to earn online money.