Reopening NYC, the ‘second wave’ debate and more

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June 19, 2020, 8:59 AM

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Bringing America Back is an ABC News feature that highlights the day's top stories in economic recovery and medical preparedness amid the coronavirus pandemic. These stories delve into the key steps America is taking — or needs to take. Stay on top of the latest developments regarding states' social distancing measures, advancements in the treatment of COVID-19 and more.

New York City closing in on phase 2 of reopening

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected Friday to make a final decision on whether New York City can enter the next stage of its reopening during the pandemic. If it's a yes, that would allow for offices, in-store retail, salons and barbershops, and outdoor dining to reopen Monday.

‘Second wave’ debate and coronavirus mutation

There's a lot of confusion around the coronavirus. Two things experts appear to agree on: We're still in the first wave of the virus, and it is unlikely to mutate into a deadlier version. A more dangerous second wave, however, is possible due to other factors, they say.

Latest data suggests pregnant women not more susceptible to COVID-19

There is no evidence that being pregnant makes you more at risk of contracting the coronavirus or becoming more severely affected by it if you do, a new study has found.

American Airlines bans activist for refusing to wear mask

After three major U.S. airlines said this week they might ban passengers who refuse to wear masks on board, American Airlines did just that on Thursday.

Employers can't require COVID-19 antibody tests

ICYMI: Your employer can't force you to take a COVID-19 antibody test, but it could require you to take a viral test, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said this week.

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