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We offer a series of solar power generators that are idealistic for any solo hunter; we’re the pioneers when it comes to providing power at any time of the day. The product we offer weighs only 4 pounds, it has 50 panels that are shatterproof and waterproof and is able to generate 50 watts of electricity every hour; thus being the best solar power product you’re looking in the market.

With this solar power in the market, it’s time you stop using those Propane Lanterns with broken mantels, bulk, and then less fuel. When the basecamp lights are coupled with these solar generators, they produce the best result. In comparison, it generates 4.5 times more power per pound.

It is now a fact that most of the people who love going outdoors are in need of solar panels. They need AC as well as DC power miles; hence, this is the perfect place for them to get these from. Any place can now become your home. The power of the sun can help you with charge your phone for running your massage chair. As mentioned earlier, it operates with unlimited fuel and weighs 5 times less than other products in the market.

Why Inergy?

As compared to the 80s and 90s, the frequency of power breakdowns has increased exponentially. It has been found out that around 15 million residences have faced blackouts per annum in the US. Reason being, the weather conditions. The US being a developed country is facing this issue the most as compared to any other developed country in the world. Businesses incur a cost of approximately $150 billion a year as a result of these breakdowns. SO what’s the solution to all of this? The solar panels!

Our Products


The most powerful and efficient product we have in our current product portfolio is the Kodiak and it weighs only 20lbs. With very less weight, it still fulfills the demand of any camp trailer and electronic appliances at your home.

Kodiak is the best to elevate a hassle-free camping experience.

What It Powers Smartphones: 100+
Tablets: 40+
Laptops: 20+
18 cu ft. refrigerator, 20% duty: 33 hours
9 cu ft. chest freezer, 15% duty: 50 hours
1/3 HP Sump Pump: 2.5 hours
Basecamp LED Light: 166 hours
Product Specs Internal Battery Capacity: 1,100 Watts (90 Amps at 12.6 Volts)
AC Inverter: 1,500 Watts, Pure Sine Wave Input: 11-30VDC charging port up to 600W maximum.AC Output: (6) 110VAC plugs, (1) 30 Amp RV plug. 1,100W (10 Amps) maximum continuous output per AC outlet, 3,000W starting surge maximum. 1,500W total limit for combined AC output. Pure sine wave inverter. DC Output: (2) 12VDC universal car sockets. 180 Watts (15 Amps) maximum output per socket. (8) USB outlets (using USB car socket adapters, 2 not included) 5VDC, 1-2.1 Amp port & 1-1 Amp port regulated, 3.1 Amps maximum per adapter. (2) 12VDC Basecamp LED light ports, maximum 10 LEDs per port.
What’s Included Kodiak Solar Power Generator
AC Charger
Shoulder Carrying Strap
User’s Guide
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Kodiak User Manual
Kodiak Port Functions
Kodiak External Battery Ports

Solar Storm 135 GL

Product Description

In both the situations where you’re looking for a short-term or a long-term solution to your solar panel needs, Solar Storm 135 is the right fit for you. It’s tough and framed with aluminum. With its ability to produce 135 watts, it can charge Kodiak efficiently within 10 hours with the use of solar power.

What It Powers

Fully Charge Kodiak: 9 – 10 hours
Product Specs Solar Capacity: 135 Watts / Chainable for additional panels
What’s Included

135W Rigid Solar Panel

More about the Product 

If you want to know more about the product and the perks it has offered, check Inergy Power Solutions!  Click HERE.

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Among the Best Solar Generators, we definitely include Inergy Kodiak 1100W offered by Inergy Solar.

It is a well-designed product. The manufacturers of this product have made sure that the overall design of the product is appealing for the RV users, environmental friendly consumers and for anyone who is looking for a powerful solar generator.

Efficient Eco-Friendly Monster: In case you regard Inergy Kodiak to be a monster, you may consider checking other brands in the list of best solar generators.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries: These batteries are long lasting with great efficiency to offer; hence doing the same for Inergy Kodiak 1100W.

Durable: These batteries are tested and are found to have 2000 cycles and a shelf life of approximately 10 years. The product is supposed to break all the barriers which were previously spotted in the competitor’s products.

Portable and Light: This product just weighs around 20 pounds and is the most lightest of all the other alternatives available in the market.

Compatible for RV Use: Since a 30amp plug is installed in the solar generator it has the ability to charge the AC and other such equipment including fan, computer, lights, etc.

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Power: With a capacity of 1100W, the Lithium Ion battery installed in the product is rated 90AH at 12.6 volts.

Peak Power: What differentiates Kodiak from other devices is it peak 3000-watt surge capacity. Other devices can’t handle multiple devices at the same time; hence they cannot meet the desired requirements.

Expandable: This feature of the product is great and helps you create a monster solar generator by adding more of 12V batteries to enhance the capacity of Inergy Kodiak.

Solar Panels: The battery can be charged through solar panels (Not to more than 30v and the total panel capacity should be 600W at the maximum) or via car charger outlet or standard wall outlet.

Detailed overview and feedback of the product are given above by some of the top solar generators.

Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator Outdoor

Wattage: The Inegry Kodiak 1100W Heavy Duty Solar generator is capable of producing 100 watts with a capacity of 3000W.

6 AC Outlets: The mounted AC inverter generates 110V per AC outlet with a maximum outcome of 1100 watts per outlet at a current of 10Amps. This totals up to a total output of 1500W.

RV Plug: The 30Amp RV plug produces an output of 10Amp.

6 USB outputs: All the USB outputs have the ability to produce 180W at 15Amp and two 12V DC basecamp LED light ports which can power 10 LEDs each. Now, this is a lot that the product has to offer. Buy his product at 10% off on Amazon by using code “SolarHome”.

What is the Charging Capability of Kodiak?

Smartphones: 100+
Tablets: 40+
Laptops: 20+
18 cu ft. refrigerator, 20% duty: 33 hours
9 cu ft. chest freezer, 15% duty: 50 hours
1/3 HP Sump Pump: 2.5 hours
Basecamp LED Light: 166 hours


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 1100 watts of continuous power and 3000 watts of surge power
  • Easy expandability
  • Long lasting Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Multiple Outputs AC, DC and USB

  • Solar Panels are separate
  • It’s a bit expensive but no doubt it’s worth it keeping in mind all the benefits it has to offer.


In conclusion, this product by Inergy is a very effective heavy duty generator which is also very lightweight; thus it’s portable of all the other alternatives available in the market. With the offering of outputs and RV compatibility, it’s a perfect solar generator anyone could have.

Specifically, it is perfect for camping, outdoors, emergencies, etc. and is also good to use with most of the electronic devices such as TV, smartphones, laptop, etc.

In case you’re looking for more solar panels to complement your Inergy Kodiak 1100W, don’t forget to check Eco Worthy 100W panels. Amazon has more of such panels, but Eco Worthy has some really good reviews.