Solar Panels – Do It Yourself

  • Do you want a significant reduction in your electricity bill? Or you’d rather want to ELIMINATE it?!
  • Do you want to assemble your own solar panels?
  • Don’t want to go bankrupt by paying off thousands just for a solar panel?

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! There’s something that will help you to reduce your bills and promises you to be pocket-friendly.

The solution to all your problems is Smart Solar Box. It doesn’t consume much of your precious time, energy and space to assemble. And you can disassemble it and put it in your garage anytime you want.

Smart Solar Box is a solar power plant that is fixed in a toolbox, complete with all necessary solar panels. You can use Smart Solar Box to power your garage, refrigerators, AC units and other things that require electricity to run.

The Smart Solar Box is presented in a digital format. There are tutorial videos that you can watch as many times as you like to build the Smart Solar Box. Ryan Tanner, the inventor of Smart Solar Box is willing to teach anyone about assembling the Solar Box and anyone who is interested to learn can do so through his video CDs. Following is the link to the video about assembling the Smart Solar Box.

The Difference between the Smart Solar Box and Other Solar Power

  • All-in-One Solar Power: Smart Solar Box has a built-in inverter and doesn’t need an external invertor to work while others need an external inverter to make it work.
  • Power Saver: The Smart Solar Box has built-in batteries that save energy required for future use and consumes very little of that saved energy/power, which makes the charging last longer. One charge per battery can give up to 18 to 20 hours of electricity that lasts for long making the Solar box also a backup generator.
  • Portability: The Smart Solar Box is travel-friendly and portable as it does not consume much time, energy or space to assemble and disassemble the components.
  • Budget Friendly: The Smart Solar Box is very economical to build and this makes the product extremely cheap. The Smart Solar Box program manual for as low as $39.69 USD. The smart Solar Box is an impeccable product, it has nothing to do with status quo because it is affordable as it will help to cut down a gigantic amount of your electricity bills. If well used it can reduce your electricity bill up to 70%, which you can also produce yourself with less than $240 USD.

What Environment Is The Best To Use The Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box can be expended anywhere, anytime and for anything, which includes your house, garage, alarm systems, radios, computers, TVs, refrigerator, AC unit, electric doors, and other appliances that require electricity.

The Smart Solar Box is perfect to use in any circumstances i.e. during winter or when it’s snowing, hail storm or in disaster situations when all power supply is down and you need electricity to preserve your food in the refrigerator or keep yourselves warm and cozy.


Review by

I bought the Smart Solar Box a few years ago for personal use at home. I believed that it wouldn’t be much different than other Solar panels but it was much more than a normal Solar panel. Then I got to know that I can build it myself. Hence, I got in contact with Ryan Tanner to inquire about how I can build the solar box myself.

Ryan Tanner is a 52 years-old mechanic, in our dealings, he elaborated regarding what made him develop this magnificent solar box. He explained that the product is not unusual to the extent that anyone has not heard about before, but it is an analogous product that many people have been using in their homes but inadequately and uneconomically.

He wanted people to own a solar power that is efficient and light on pockets, which made him produce the Smart Solar Box. He gave me the videos for $25, where he explains how to construct the Smart Solar Box. Now I am using the very one I built myself. According to my experience, the product is really efficient. If well used it is likely cut down over 70% of the electricity bill. I would like you to know more about this product, which can probably intrigue you purchase one and perhaps learn how to build it yourself.


  • Customarily it is believed that solar energy works only in the sun but this new technology has abolished this myth, the smart solar box can be used even in a cloud environment.
  • Solar energy panels are usually unaffordable because they are associated with high production cost but the smart Solar Box is very economical to build, this makes the Smart Solar Box affordable.
  • Smart Solar Box is portable, versatile, and travel-friendly. It is legal with no law prohibitions.
  • By purchasing the “Smart Solar Box” you get ‘100% money back guarantee” that will be valid for a duration of 60 days. So even after using it for a month or so, if you are not satisfied with the product, or the product does not meet your expectations, you are just an email away to get your money refunded.


  • Would you really prefer to commit yourself to learning how to build the smart solar box, rather than going for the conventional already made solar powers in the market? Well, I can’t tell. But learning how to build the Smart Solar Box can be time, energy and resources consuming.
  • The Smart Solar box can expose you to great danger if not well learned on how to build and install.
  • You have to be certain that it is fixed properly and for this, you have to undergo the laborious process of learning how to build it and if you’re not able to help yourself then you will have to hire mechanics to build it which definitely is an additional cost.