Uber Diet Coach

A certified weight loss expert dedicatedly fought and followed a strict diet plan for excessive weight loss.

I have always been conscious about my weight loss and exercise, but something changed because of a motorcycle incident that happened back on Aug 12, 2012. My foot bone broke, and within the initial six months, my weight increased from 135 pounds to 210 pounds. Thus, I had to be very careful about my diet and my weight loss.

Within the surgery phase, I actually felt so sorry for myself that I ate a lot to recover the emotional pain I was going through. It was uncontrollable as I binge ate the food; all of this behavior was completely against my values and principles related to health, but I was just being careless.

This made me depressed to an extent that I overate, watched TV shows and slept whenever I was free. During this time I didn’t have any social life which meant not answering calls and email at all.

Rock Bottom

I got a reality check when I saw my face (read fat face) in the bathroom mirror one morning and cried. The victim game had ended, I was just thinking about how to fix the situation I am in right now.

Being a health expert myself, I always suggest my customers start from a small portion of the main meals, nullify any snacking during the day and start to walk. The recommendation seems easy to follow, but for the very first time, I was acknowledging the emotional side of being overweight.

Despite the fact that I knew the solution quite accurately, the motivation to start was not there; it all seemed impossible, as I couldn’t see a way out. I changed my approach a bit, and started treating myself as a patient and then researched about extreme weight loss.

I designed a program which helped me lose 75 pounds and I got my pre-accident body back! If this method worked for me, it can definitely work for you too!

Considering the kind of stress I was going through, it was extremely difficult for me to even initiate. In order to fight the stress, I used medication. The medication takes 10 minutes a day and helps you get out of the stress easily. It made me positive about the situation and it then seemed doable for me to start the extreme weight loss program.

I can completely understand your situation if you’re battling with weight loss. You might have tried all the strategies previously, but have failed to see the desired results.

It’s a common human psyche that it takes us time to develop new habits and forgo the old ones.

But, just dedicate 10 minutes of your day and give yourself a challenge. You’ll end up seeing the desired results and would see a happier you.

Click on www.uberdietcoach.com and get the medication app for free. You may approach us by clicking on options like Ask the Coach to solve any queries or interact with people of similar interests on the online forum.

Author of Uber Diet Coach and a certified weight loss expert, Bruce Scher, has a tried and tested extreme weight loss solution. While talking about Uber Diet Plan, Publishers Weekly stated: “Diet expert the real deal solution for weight loss”.

About Uber Diet Coach

The program was initiated by Bruce Scher, who is a certified Weight Loss Expert. He lost 75 pounds in just 12 weeks.

The ebook he launched was later termed as “Diet expert is the real deal solution for extreme weight loss” by Publishers Weekly.

The product is a supplement, which not only boosts up your metabolism but also helps you burn calories on daily basis.

The program has a triple action system in which it reduces your hunger by taking just 1 teaspoon of the supplement before a meal. It does the following:

  • Makes you feel full
  • Reduces your appetite
  • Decreases belly fat


Review by dietspotlight.com

As seen in the market generally such diet products do not really work. What is so different about Uber Trim? We surfed the internet, researched about the ingredients, composition and the side effects of the product. We then had a thorough look at the customer feedback and then compiled the following.

What is Uber Diet Coach?          

Uber Diet Coach was formulated by Bruce Scher who has 25 years of experience in the Health and Wellness Industry. When he went through the motorcycle accident, he gained 75 pounds because of overeating, but then he ended up developing a program for extreme weight loss.

All you need to do is consume one capsule two or three times in a day. There is no need to follow a diet or exercise plan. Although it’s ideal to exercise along with the supplements to boost the calorie burn. Fortunately, we were able to find satisfied customer feedback.

Customer Service Quality

While researching, we found out that most of the customer said they had a bad customer service experience. Our research editor said that customers need a team which could help and assist them at times when they have any questions regarding the product.

One of the customers stated that he had a question about the charges of the product, but they hung up the phone.

The other one called on the hotline and then was on hold forever.

There were some customers which had no issues with the customer service quality.

One of the users also said that the customer service team was cooperative with his return and that he might consider ordering another bottle.

Uber Diet Coach – Side Effects

As per the customer feedback received, the side effects of the product were a bit alarming. The laboratory tests termed these as mild. A customer said, “I wonder if I drank enough water, but I felt dehydrated after taking a medicine.”

One of the customers got a headache after first few days.

The side effects of using Uber Diet Coach are very less. None of the customers reports any adverse effects.

The Science

Although a clinical research is mentioned on the website, the correlation of using Uber Diet Coach and weight loss is absent. The research regarding Garcinia Cambogia is not clear and if regarded as a fad ingredient. The popularity of the product was fueled by celebrity endorsements.

The Verdict                                            

What’s the final verdict on the topic, then? We were able to find some favorable comments about the product, but the only problem is if it delivers what it has promised. Moreover, the product seems questionable considering the poor customer service and side effects reported by the customers.

Thus, we would suggest you all do go for products that have positive customer reviews.