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Gina Padilla

“Being in the recruiting business for 18 years, got a lot to know on how to frame responses to questions to get *yourself* a job! It is important to be prepared for behavioral questions I will surely recommend it. It's wonderful!”  — Gina Padilla, Senior Technical Recruiter » Read All Reviews.

Job-Interview Questions & Answers

Researchers around the globe have sought to identify/construct strategies for an interview which should help candidates. There can be 3 categories of constructs: job-relevant content, interviewee performance, and job-irrelevant interviewer biases.

Candidate attributes that are specifically relevant to the job are what these job-interview questions designed to test. The questions assess attributes which are necessary to successfully perform the job. These are classified into 3 categories: general traits, experiential factors, and core job elements. The first category refers to stable applicant traits. Second, refers to job knowledge that candidate has acquired over time. Third one refers to the skills, knowledge, and abilities related to the job.

Dodgy Job-Interview Questions…  Are you prepared?

  • Have you ever been forced to resign or fired?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Why you switch job so quickly?
  • Can you explain the gap in your employment history?
  • Why should we hire YOU?
  • Tell us your 1st 90day plan?
  • Demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

(Consult answers below)

  • Describe your current role and share most recent success
  • Have you ever been able to motivate people? Share example
  • How good are your presentation skills? How do you prepare?
  • Walk us through the steps you took to reach a long-term goal
  • Share your improvement areas
  • Have you ever made an unpopular decision? How did you handle the situation

CJ Loria

“It is a great book that helped me on how I should prepare for an interview. The focus on behavioral interview preparation was worth many times what I paid for it. I am now employed again and looking for even better opportunities.”   — CJ Loria, MPA, PMP – Aerospace Industry – March 11, 2015 » Read CJ's full review.


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By coverletterinterview.com:

This book promises a lot and has remained highly acclaimed since its launch, but does it really deliver and is it worth the investment?

The book is written by career coach and business trainer, Bob Firestone.

So what is this “Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers 2014″ about?

It doesn’t give you answers to questions you are likely going to face in an interview.

It gives you the formula to create the right answers to the questions you are likely to encounter. Your answers will change based on experience, situation, and background.

As we all know “Knowledge is Power” and having up-front knowledge of the types of questions you will be asked can do wonders to your confidence of going into an interview. Confidence really gives you the desirable professional image.

Let us review some “Pros” and “Cons” of Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers.

This guide let you dissect all sections of the interview and equips you with the necessary information to respond to complex questions with grace.

It also equips you with the skill to drive interview and to ask questions of your own which show your professionalism. It also instructs how to close the interview with statements that project your ability and strength.


The sales page is too hype-y for my liking or maybe it has to be that way. My natural inclination is to dismiss such stuff and don’t hassle to read it.

Job Interview Tips must be understood by all.  Any ‘self-help guide’ like this would like you to believe that excelling in your interview will be a near certainty. It could be. But what you get from this guide (in terms of skills, knowledge, poise, confidence,) will be directly proportional to the effort you put into it.

It requires much practice and preparation to absorb the content of this book. Your benefits from it will depend on your ability to absorb its content.

The main purpose is to prepare you to take advantage of your lessor or equally qualified competitor.

Further considering all the effort that you’ve put into your job search, it makes no sense to be ill-prepared. Why leave anything to chance? This includes projecting how valuable you are to the company and how the hiring manager’s life is going to take a positive turn.

This is a small sip of what is in the Ultimate Guide. However, this questioning should not let you miss a beat if you’re ready and can spin it into a positive.

Common but ticklish questions, such as:

  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Have you ever been terminated?
  • Why did you switch so many jobs in such a short span of time?
  • Share your weakness and what is your improvement plan to overcome it?

The Takeaway

It is an extremely valuable guide and great value for money despite being not the perfect one.

Furthermore, this Guide is your chance to acquire set of skills that are necessary to approach a job interview with confidence and poise.

Hence, your comfort level will arise from the attitude and poise that comes with an approach to the interview hoping for the best and prepared for the worst and have the confidence (acquired from knowing you are prepared) to handle the upcoming complex situation.

To conclude, the Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers 2014 has been used by thousands over the past several years as it has served its audience very well.